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Российская ассоциация лингвистов-когнитологов

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This source has been developed under support of Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Linguistics,
Professor Anatoly P. Chudinov

The objective of this site is to share up-to-date information in the sphere of linguistics, to discuss fundamental and applied problems of linguistics together with the issues of relations between language, culture and society. The site is intended for linguists of different fields. It may interest educators, post-graduates and all those interested in the problems of linguistics.

Anatoly Chudinov and third year post-graduate students

А. П. Чудинов Анатолий Чудинов Лакофф Джордж Лакофф Когнитивная лингвистика Политическая лингвистика Концептуальная метафора  Политический дискурс

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